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About Us

Shree Vakratund Logistics

Shree Vakratund Logistics is a logistics service that will make sure your shipment runs successfully.

To reduce RTO, use a recommendation engine.
Customers are given the finest selections via the gre at suggestion engine, and the auto reattempt option decreases the possibilities of a return. Retention of customers will rise.
Around 26,000 pin codes can be serviced in India. My customers will be delighted with custom shipping labels, white label tracking, and real time WhatsApp and SMS notifications. Furthermore, our AI powered NDR tool will handle any non delivery and resolve any issue within 24 hours.
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  • To ensure prompt delivery of your shipment, kindly share your shipper's proper and correct address, including the land mark with location map and contact details.
  • On the same page of the document packet, please type or write the shipper's and consignee's addresses clearly.
  • We propose that the shipper's address be written smaller than the consignor/address.
  • Our mission is to deliver your shipment as quickly as possible, and the quality of our services is decided by customer support. Assist us in providing better service to you!
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Why Choose Us ?
  •    On time and secure delivery of your goods.
  •    A well coordinated network of vehicles, including travel couriers, connects all places. As soon as possible, carry important documents in hands.
  •    A monthly paying option is available for customers who buy in significant amounts.
  •    Metro area s and a majority of large Indian cities/towns have 24/7 service, as well as international service to every region of the world.
  •    All locations can even use the air/surface delivery service.
  •    There are Express Collection Centre’s within driving distance of your locatio n.
  •    Non insured items are covered by transportation insurance at the request of the customer.
  •    Our website allows you to check the track of y our shipment.
  •    A text message will be sent to your phone informing you of the delivery status.