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International & Domestic Services

International Service

  • Global Express:

    All documents and non-documents are available at very inexpensive prices all around the world. When it comes to sharing faster services, our ability to select the correct mode of active networking offers us a strong benefit.

Domestic Service

  • Express Services:

    We provide fast service to ensure that your time-sensitive, urgent documents/parcels arrive on time. The service provides speedy delivery during 24 to 48 hours and covers all metros, big cities, and rural villages.

  • Surface Services:

    Our fleet of trucks and other modes of transportation deliver all of your freight transport to various stations and destinations across India. With the help of container LCVs, we can provide improved protection and on-time delivery for surface freight travel.

  • Air Service:

    We work with all major airlines air-freight divisions to deliver important and urgent shipments including medications and vaccines, perishable items like fruits and vegetables, and other time-sensitive products by air. We deliver air freight packages door-to-door within 24 to 48 hours, depending on customer requirements.

  • Logistics Solutions:

    We are offer to each store for all management needs. We aim to provide high warehouses storage capacity and extensive experience in items purchase, storage, cleaning, repackaging, and shipping.